The importance of correct storm drainage in a fire station

The importance of correct storm drainage in a fire station

I think there are professions that must be vocational, and they include the fire service, which is why we're going to be focusing on the heroes in our cities today.

I won't lie: when I think of firefighters, the first thing that springs to mind are the calendars. ;)

Well, I also think of my kids when they were little and they dreamt of being firefighters, dazzled by the fire engines, sirens and the amazing helmets.

All jokes aside, the fire service plays a vital role in preventing and responding to society's emergencies. That's why safety at a fire station is a priority, for all our sakes.

One aspect that must be considered is correct storm drainage in fire stations. 

Let me explain:

Correct drainage can help to prevent flooding and landslides involving earth or gravel, which could cause a fire station's access points and exits to be closed off. 

Imagine how disastrous that would be.

If you require safe, resistant, durable drainage solutions, contact our Technical and Sales Department here.

Kompaqdrain range

Today I'm going to tell you how trench drains from the Kompaqdrain range were installed at Zalla fire station in Biscay to prevent issues like this. This family of trench drains stands out as a solution with a high drainage capacity and optimal safety performance.

As they are closed-section trench drains and are made in an anti-corrosion material (polymer concrete), these trench drains are durable, resistant and safe.

The range has different models, and in this project the Kompaqdrain® Traffic was installed. This model is designed for areas with normal and heavy traffic, since it has a breaking load of up to 40 tons. 

Another of this trench drain range's benefits is that since the model is a single part (trench drain + grating), this helps to prevent issues caused by the exertion and fast manoeuvres performed on the grating. For example, those that occur when fire engines need to urgently leave the station to put out a fire.

Lastly, the fire station's surface area called for a T installation, as you can make out in the photo, to help connect the trench drains to access components. This model has lateral preforms for horizontal outlets on each side, and lateral preforms for T, L and cross connections. 

Selecting a good drainage system will allow the fire service to work safely without having to worry about safety at the station.

To finish, I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to the entire fire service for being there and for tackling all kinds of emergencies, big and small. Whether it's extinguishing a large fire, or rescuing a scared cat from a tree, even if they might get scratched.  :)

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