Channel with 2.5% slope

“First Polymer Concrete channel with built-in 2.5% slope”

Higher hydraulic capacity with sloping channels

These channels with built-in slope are the only ones on the market with a real slope of 2.5% which, thanks to their marked slope, provide greater hydraulic capacity, and resolve the slope limitations that can be found in some places.


Its most important advantages are.

  • 1) Savings in product and installation costs. The slope created in the drainage system accelerates the water flow. Thanks to the speed it reaches, more water is drained, as if larger channels had been installed. Thus, we make savings in both installation and product (by purchasing smaller channels). It drains up to 100 l/s in 20 ml, according to a study by the UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

  • 2) Savings in installation time and building costs. We can install up to 40 linear metres, in two 20-metre sections, with a single water outlet. This helps us to drain large areas of land and rain flows, with very few outlet points. We save on installation time and reduce construction costs.

  • 3) Savings in cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to the speed of the water travelling down the channel, it carries with it any sediment, such as dust or small stones, accumulated in the absence of rain. It creates a self-cleaning effect. This effect would not be possible in an installation with no slope and it reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, it ensures that 100% of the channel section is in perfect condition for drainage.

Channels with slope:

A-15 C-250
A-15 C-250
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ULMA Drainage Channels at the Hotel Vela in Barcelona

The "W Barcelona" hotel, also known by the name Hotel Vela due to the sail-like shape of the building, was built in 2009 by the architect Ricardo Bofill.

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FIRA Barcelona

The first channel with a built-in 2.5% slope, developed under the most demanding quality standards required by the sector, such as Standard UN-1433.

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Extension of Malaga Airport

Located 8 km from the city of Malaga in a location making it the tourist gateway to the Costa del Sol, Malaga airport is the 4th Spanish airport by number of passengers and operations, with more than 80% of passengers from international flights.

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