Channel with 2.5% slope

“First Polymer Concrete channel with built-in 2.5% slope”

Higher hydraulic capacity with sloping channels

These channels with built-in slope are the only ones on the market with a real slope of 2.5% which, thanks to their marked slope, provide greater hydraulic capacity, and resolve the slope limitations that can be found in some places.


Its most important advantages are.

  • Hydraulic capacity -100 l/s in 20 ml. * Study conducted by the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
  • Self-cleaning effect that allows the inside of the channel to remain clean at a low flow rate (from rainwater). It obtains a greater capacity to remove the sediment that can accumulate during heavy rains. This leads to a reduction in the need for maintenance.
  • Possibility of installing up to 40 ml. It is possible to install two sections of 20 metres each, with a single water outlet.
  • Watch the video here. See the advantages of our channel.

Channels with slope:

A-15 C-250
A-15 C-250
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ULMA Drainage Channels at the Hotel Vela in Barcelona

The "W Barcelona" hotel, also known by the name Hotel Vela due to the sail-like shape of the building, was built in 2009 by the architect Ricardo Bofill.

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FIRA Barcelona

The first channel with a built-in 2.5% slope, developed under the most demanding quality standards required by the sector, such as Standard UN-1433.

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Extension of Malaga Airport

Located 8 km from the city of Malaga in a location making it the tourist gateway to the Costa del Sol, Malaga airport is the 4th Spanish airport by number of passengers and operations, with more than 80% of passengers from international flights.

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