Hydraulic Calculation and immediate availability: two factors that make a difference

Hydraulic Calculation and immediate availability: two factors that make a difference

When we buy products there are always factors that determine our choice. Depending on the product, price, quality, availability... because it is a reality that when it comes to making a choice, we are looking to make the best decision in all aspects of our lives.

In the projects in which we work, we always try to advise our clients so that the decisions are the right ones, and the case we bring you today is a clear example. 

This is the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) headquarters in Gogarburn, in the west of Edinburgh. A large campus where more than 3,000 people work every day. For their visitor car park they needed to install a new drainage system.

But what was the best drainage system? 

Are you looking for a drainage solution and don't know which is the best option? Contact our technical-sales department for personalised advice.

Hydraulic calculation to determine the best drainage solution

Each project is unique, that's why in order to ensure that the projected drainage systems are optimal (both in terms of drainage capacity and cost), we have developed a multi-platform software that offers the possibility to carry out a hydraulic study of each project and define exactly the most suitable channel. 

For the Royal Bank of Scotland visitors' car park we did this, and the report gave us all the necessary data for the validation of the drainage system. 

Ultimately, to meet all the specifications, Kompaqdrain City 100 compact channels were the most suitable. 

KompaqDrain® City: safety and hydraulic efficiency

A total of 1075ML of this monolithic channel model has been installed throughout the visitors' car park. 

The Kompaqdrain City model provides safety for users (thanks to the reduced width orifices), and ensures hydraulic efficiency thanks to the max-flow system. 

Let's see how.

User safety:

The Kompaqdran City channel has narrower collection holes, thus, we help to improve accessibility and mobility for people walking on them. But also, given the traffic expected in the car park, the KOMPAQDRAIN channel is a compact channel with the grating incorporated in a single piece, which provides greater safety for users. 

Hydraulic efficiency: 

The Max Flow effect of the KOMPAQDRAIN channels, generated by the widening of the rainwater catchment inlets, helps to direct rainwater more efficiently and increases drainage speed.

The benefit: less clogging of the inlets and the self-cleaning effect means less system maintenance.

Immediate availability

Thanks to the extensive network of distributors we work with around the world, our drainage solutions are available when and where you need them. 

For this project located to the west of Edinburgh, our distributor Scotia Supplies provided the immediacy required. At ULMA, we know that time is a precious resource for everyone, and being at the customer's side is part of the way we work. 


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