The truth about drainage in commercial car parks

Here, we explain the two key factors to consider when choosing drainage systems for these spaces.
The truth about drainage in commercial car parks

The main function of drainage systems is to remove rainwater. We all agree up to this point. However, other needs must be taken into account, depending on where they are installed ie. motorway services, airports or shopping centres. 

One of the features of larger car parks is that their drainage systems can cope with constant traffic be it cars driving or people walking over the channels. 

Imagine arriving at a shopping centre, you open the car door and immediately step into a large puddle. Not the best start to the day! 

With the Kompaqdrain city channels, you the client are assured of  hydraulic efficiency (thanks to the integrated Max-Flow® system) and user safety with the smaller collection holes. 

Undeterred you continue with your shopping trip, returning to the car hours later weighed down with all those wonderful purchases. Then you feel the jolt and stop in your tracks, your heel is now stuck in the grating – feeling flustered and wanting to get home your memory of the trip is tainted, not the experience either you or the shopping centre wanted.

Shopping centres sell products sure, but they also sell experiences and create memories, which is why the user experience is becoming increasingly important in these large spaces. 

For this drainage project, two key factors will determine its success – the efficiency in preventing waterlogging and the safety of its users.

Silverburn Shopping Centre acknowledged both these factors, which is why 1100 linear metres of Kompaqdrain City drainage channels were installed in its car park. 

Located in Glasgow, this shopping centre is one of the largest in the UK, with over 100 stores and a 100,000m2 car park. With more than 2000 parking spaces spread over many levels, can you imagine how many people pass through every day? 

Effective drainage

The previously installed drainage system had begun to fail, causing the car park to flood in some areas. The old system needed replacing with something innovative and new Kompaqdrain City

The Max-Flow® effect of our Kompaqdrain channel ensured effective drainage. Comprising an original design with curved grating inlets and an anti-slip and water-directing surface, optimising water collection and utilising the water's energy to increase speed and drainage capacity. 

Furthermore, the gradually widening holes prevent accumulated debris. Thus, Kompaqdrain channels can drain the same volume of water with a smaller channel.

For further information about this or any of our drainage solutions, please contact us.

User safety

The channel and grating of the Kompaqdrain City model form a single monolithic system ensuring strength throughout the whole channel. As the grating forms part of this system and is not separate there are no risks of lifting of shifting coupled with smaller collection holes thus preventing trips and falls!

By narrowing the size of the collection holes (with openings ranging from 8mm to 16mm), we can help improve accessibility and mobility, which are so important in busy spaces like the Silverburn Shopping Centre car park. 

In short, with the Kompaqdrain city channels, you the client are assured of  hydraulic efficiency (thanks to the integrated Max-Flow® system) and user safety with the smaller collection holes. 

The perfect duo for the Silverburn Shopping Centre car park, which, incidentally, was named “the UK’s best shopping centre” 2019. 

There must be a reason, right?

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