ULMA’s Heavy duty polymer concrete channels chosen for CNG Fuels stations in Birmingham, Knowsley, Bellshill, Newark and Avonmouth stations.

ULMA’s Heavy duty polymer concrete channels chosen for CNG Fuels stations in Birmingham, Knowsley, Bellshill, Newark and Avonmouth stations.

Service stations are notorious areas for high intensity traffic, where vehicles brake and accelerate, and where there is also a high concentration of hydrocarbons on the ground: petrol, diesel, lubricating oils.

This is the main reason why CNG Fuels Ltd. has specified ULMA Civil F400K and F300K models in Fuel Stations across the country.

CNG Fuels develops, owns, and operates CNG Refuelling infrastructure and sources 100% Renewable Biomethane or Bio-CNG for its stations.

The company is the UK’s leading supplier of Bio-CNG (compressed natural gas), the lowest carbon, most cost-effective alternative to diesel for HGVs.

CNG Fuels already supply 2,000 vehicles a day from its five public access refuelling stations, and a sixth station at Knowsley, near Liverpool, where ULMA drainage channels have being installed. This station, close to the M6 at Erdington, east of Birmingham, can refuel up to 500 HGVs a day.

We have also supplied our F300 and F400 channels to Bellshill, Knowsley, Newark and Avonmouth stations.

World’s largest biomethane refuelling station

It was not so hard to get pictures of this CNG site as it was a short drive from our ULMA premises also based in Avonmouth which became fully operational February 2022.

CNG Fuels announced the opening of its new refuelling site on Avonmouth. The new site will be the world’s largest public access biomethane refuelling station, according to CNG Fuels, and will serve the UK’s busiest freight routes.

Located near the M4/M5 junction, the site will be capable of refuelling 80 HGVs an hour from 14 high speed dispensers and joins six existing refuelling stations already operational across the UK.

ULMA channels have been used on all the CNG sites to date including Birmingham, Knowsley, Bellshill & Newark – for these projects they choose ULMA F system.

Heavy duty drainage channels CIVIL - F

ULMA polymer concrete channels, highly resistant from exposure to chemical products – making them an ideal solution for installation in Gas Stations.

Civil F channels are also designed for heavy traffic areas and especially for sections where the grating is subject to large axial forces due to the manoeuvring and braking of vehicles. The channels are reinforced with galvanized steel profiles at the sides.

The gratings installed can withstand load classes of up to F900, ideal for areas with heavy traffic. In addition, their safety is assured with 8 attachment points per linear metre.

The Civil F system also makes it possible to incorporate a continuous 2.5% slope.

So why choose ULMA?

  • Polymer concrete, is one of the most resistant materials against chemicals.
  • CivilF channels are especially designed for heavy traffic areas.
  • FNX400FTFM Gratings are up to F900 load class and 8 attachment points per linear metre.
  • We study each project to guarantee the best solution. Our technical and sales team will always be ready to help you.

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