A multifunctional, open shopping centre

Built over the train tracks
A multifunctional, open shopping centre

We're northerners, which is probably why watching the weather after lunch or dinner is a deep-rooted tradition. I'm sure any Galicians reading this will know what I mean…   

The other day, I wanted to find out which Spanish city gets the most rain, and I'll tell you the answer, but first, I want to discuss a project that we supplied with rainwater drainage solutions. 

It is the largest shopping centre in the Province of Pontevedra and one of the largest in Galicia. I'm talking about Vialia Vigo, which has 43,800 square metres dedicated to shopping.

Today, shopping centres are no longer large, enclosed buildings; instead, they've become multifunctional, open spaces. Vialia Vigo is a clear example of this. 

This project has been classified as an “urban transformation” project and has won several awards and prizes. 

Why? Because it's an innovative, modern space integrating different uses, and it also features an outdoor terrace of 23,000 square metres with green areas and themed zones. 

More than 1,000 linear metres of channels from the MINI, SELF and EUROSELF ranges were installed on Vigo's balcony, this enormous terrace I just mentioned. 

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Low-profile MINI channels

The shopping centre is built on top of underground train tracks. For this reason, among other requirements, we were asked for large-width, low-profile channels to be installed on top of a car park's floor structure. 

In these scenarios, the MINI drainage channel range is the perfect solution. It's been designed for areas with height limitations and it offers load classes of up to C250. 

All channels were supplied with slotted ductile iron grating for pedestrian use, and they are suitable for withstanding sporadic traffic.  




Now I've told you about the project, let's go back to the initial question. Although I'm sure you'll have guessed the answer by now. So, which Spanish city gets the most rain? That's right, the answer is Vigo. In terms of accumulation, the average precipitation is 1,791 l/m² a year.

But do you know what? 

Although the Vialia Shopping Centre is located in one of Spain's wettest cities, with our channels there's no risk at all: because our solutions are synonymous with quality and durability. 

P.S. Although Vigo is the wettest city over the course of a year, San Sebastián is the Spanish city with the most rainy days (185 days a year). Just a little rain... 

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