Visual and aesthetic drainage or how not to ruin sea views

Visual and aesthetic drainage or how not to ruin sea views

In one of our recent projects, we managed to enhance the overall aesthetics with a concealed drainage system.

Shortly I will explain how this system works, but first let me give you some background on the project.

As this project is by the sea, it reminded me of an adventure that happened quite unexpectedly.

It's funny how we often come across extraordinary things in life when we least expect it, or even when we're looking for something else.

Travelling around the world by accident

To give you an example, this actually happened 501 years ago, when 250 men set sail from southern Spain aboard the ship Trinidad. Their mission was to go in search of Spice Island via a new, shorter route.

They believed they could reach the region much faster by travelling in the opposite direction, around the tip of South America and across the newly discovered Pacific Ocean, to the spice-producing islands in the Indonesian archipelago. That is how, unintentionally, the Portuguese captain Magellan, together with Elcano, travelled around the world for the first time in history in 1519.

One of our recent projects is by the sea, which is what made me think about that incredible and unexpected adventure.

It is the Las Palmas seafront, in the Canary Islands. The project, by the local architecture firm Romera y Ruiz, is inspired by traditional lateen sail boats and is clearly an homage to them. It is interesting to see how they use their triangular geometry to adapt to the environment with simple and creative forms.

Concealed drainage, visual aesthetics

For this inventive project, located on the shore and following the contours of the coast, a concealed drainage system was chosen, which means it passes as inconspicuously as possible.

This system stands out at first glance for all the right reasons as it does not affect the overall visual aesthetics, managing to conceal the drain system installed. This aspect is key when working in historic areas or on new urban developments like this one, when clean and sophisticated lines are sought. It is ideal for paved areas, natural stone or concrete paving.

Concealed drainage, which we achieve thanks to the single-slot grating system, combined with a drainage channel system, is compatible with light drainage needs (Self and Urban), Technical drainage: (Multi V), and drainage for civil works: (Civil-S and civil F).

The slot drainage is found along the seafront promenade and on the spectacular terrace suspended over the sea, as its versatility makes it suitable for pedestrian areas, as well as parking areas and roadways. It supports a D-400 load type according to the EN1433 standard.

If you would like to know more about this or other drainage systems, please contact us.

Easy to maintain

The installation of clip-on manholes is required for maintenance and cleaning of the system. As you can see in the photos, it is parallel to the promenade's handrail. They are made according to the same material characteristics and dimensions, allowing them to be taken off in order to remove sediment, blockages or simply to carry out the necessary maintenance.

The sea and ports are places of departure and arrival. They are sources of wealth, business and pleasure, but also beginnings of adventures, such as the one experienced by Magellan and Elcano more than 500 years ago.

We'll be back soon with new and inspiring stories.

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