How we ensure you purchase the best drainage solution for your project!

New loading and transport terminal at the Port of Barcelona

Many clients have told us that they spend hours weighing up the best draining solution for their projects. Here is good news; we can eliminate all the deliberating for you.

ULMA have a system that ensures you install the drainage systems that are best suited to your project, in terms of both drainage capacity and cost. 

And we’re going to tell you how we do it. 

But first, let's put ourselves in the context of a macro-project that we have participated in recently: ICL Iberia’s new loading and transport terminal for salts and potashes in the Port of Barcelona. 

The Bages region (Barcelona province) is a mining hub where potash salts - a natural fertiliser used in agriculture all over the world - have been extracted for more than a century. The town of Súria is home to one of the largest potash reserves in Western Europe. The company ICL Súria & Sallent is responsible for mining, treating and marketing these salts. 

Our relationship with ICL Súria & Sallent goes back several years, when we installed 1,600 linear metres of Kompaqdrain200 compact trench-drains on their premises in Súria. At the time, while taking into account the constant passage of heavy lorries, we opted to install the Kompaq200 Civil model, which is suitable for the F900 weight load class. 

These facilities are directly connected to the Port of Barcelona, where the company manages its own terminal. And it is here, in this new loading and transport terminal, where we have installed 680 linear metres of ULMA trench-drains.

Hydraulic calculation: optimal drainage solution at the lowest possible cost

How did we determine the best drainage solution for the new terminal? 

We carried out a hydraulic analysis of “IDP Ingeniería y Arquitectura Iberia”, and the subsequent report gave us all the data we needed to decide on the best drainage system for the company's project.

With the hydraulic calculation in hand, our Technical Sales Department were able to define the optimum trench-drain and grating at the lowest possible cost to the client. 

We decided that Load Class F trench-drains installed at various heights (with a built-in slope, allowing for optimal water evacuation in stretches with no longitudinal slope) were best suited to meet the requirements of the project.

Heavy load trench-drains with a cascaded slope: simpler and cheaper execution

Ports are technically challenging sites where strong and durable trench-drains, such as Civil-F for heavy loads, are installed. 

We provide Drainage Solutions; For us it is a standard service to our customers! Contact our Technical Sales Department for personalised advice. 

These trench-drains have a system for locking the grating to the trench-drain by means of 8 screws per linear metre. The entire range has been specially designed for sections where drainage systems have to withstand heavy loads, as in the case of the Port of Barcelona. 

The F150 and F250 models were installed with a cascaded slope; a combination of straight trench-drains of different heights installed using splice wedges. With this solution, we were able to incorporate the slope required by the terrain with a simple and cost-effective operation. 

Both ICL Iberia and the IDP Group have received the 2020 Best Infrastructure Award for this project. We would like to congratulate them for this award that they have received from the Infrastructure Advisory Council of Catalonia. 

It was a pleasure to participate in this amazing project! 


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