New co-working space in Milan

Rainwater collected straight from the building's facade Will this become a new trend?
New co-working space in Milan

Milan; the city of fashion par excellence, is undergoing a period of renewal and many of its districts have been given a face-lift, giving them a new lease of life.

This is what happened in this area, near to IULM University, which had fallen into neglect. 

The aim of this urban regeneration project was to turn a 1950s industrial area into an area where businesses are able to invest in innovation and tech development. 

This area, nicknamed The Sign, is attracting and welcoming companies into the community by offering new, flexible workspaces.

The buildings, surrounding areas and green areas needed a duteous design, as you would expect in this city such as this.

The ULMA trench drains were part of this renovation. 

The new buildings have glass facades, without any conventional rainwater collection systems such as roof gutters.

As a result, all of the water flows directly to then be drained via our channels, which are placed around the whole perimeter of the building. The drainage system is located right alongside the facade, as you can see in the images.

MultiV channels, effective drainage

Since all of the water flows towards here, we have installed MULTIV trench drains, which are 200 mm in width. 

These channels have a specially designed V-shape to allow the water to drain quickly, thus increasing their hydraulic capacity. 

By draining the water more quickly, the self-cleaning effect of the channel is also improved, reducing the need for maintenance, as the water itself sweeps away any sediments that have accumulated in the channel during dry spells.

To summarise, they were designed to effectively drain large amounts of water, despite being smaller.

Rapidlock® system, quick and safe

As well as being hydraulically efficient, the grating of these channels are quick and easy to install thanks to the Rapidlock® fixing system. 

With this system, installers do not need any tools to fix the grating to the channel. When pressed down onto the channel, they are attached at 8 different points along each linear metre. 

Due to this rapid installation process, you will reduce labour costs and save time, without compromising/reducing safety. 

If you are interested in these, or any other channels in our range, contact us.

In total, we have installed 450 linear metres of the 200 mm-wide MultiV channel and longitudinal slotted ductile iron gratings, arranged in an intelligent, effective way that is visually pleasing. 

Milan leads the world in design and style; will perimeter drainage become a new trend? Only time will tell.

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