ULMA drainage in the Port of Choisy-le-Roi (Paris), on the banks of the Seine

Savings in the cost of the drainage solution and in the execution of work

ULMA has participated in the big project for the urban development of the Port of Choisy-le-Roi, with its trench drains with cascade slope.

Previously, this port was isolated from live-in neighborhoods and therefore the city lived with its back to the river.

Thanks to this redevelopment, the inhabitants of Choisy le Roi can enjoy long walks on the banks of the Seine, now accessible to the public. This is the end of a great project that began to reconcile port activity with an inhabited environment.

Cascade drainage solution for cost savings on site

For this emblematic project, a cascade slope drainage solution was chosen, using F300K high-load trench drains. In the cascade system, trench drains of different heights are placed along the drainage line. 

This solution allows you to save product costs, because you can use smaller and therefore more economic channels at the beginning, and increase the height of the trench drain as the water flow grows.


If you have any questions or want us to study your project to include this solution, write to us here.

Furthermore, by applying the cascade slope drainage solution, the movement of soil is optimised to the maximum and you will save in on-site execution costs.

The grating installed is made of ductile cast iron for load class F900 and a total of 700 LM of trench drains have been installed.



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Technical Catalogue

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