ULMA has obtained KOMO Certification

We have obtained the prestigious KOMO certification for our drainage channels.
ULMA has obtained KOMO Certification

The need to obtain this certification arose when the company decided to introduce its drainage solutions onto the Dutch market. The KOMO Certificate is essential when bidding on public and private projects in this country. Originally, before the UNE-1433 Standard, it was the way to assure the quality of products used for construction.

Given the thorough and rigorous nature of the examination to obtain it, as well as its subsequent maintenance, this certificate is also recognised in other countries, such as Germany.  It is important to emphasise that several audits must be passed each year to maintain the KOMO certification, whilst just 1 annual audit is required to maintain other quality certificates, such as ISO 9001.


Commitment to quality is one of our most important values. We proactively promote quality and innovation as the only guarantee for the future, and as strategic factors that are supported by our team’s commitment.

KOMO Certification for ULMA drainage channels confirms its continuous product control, guaranteeing long-term product quality.
All the improvement and adaptation procedures carried out demonstrate the involvement of partners and workers of ULMA Architectural Solutions for continuous improvement in the development of its business activity.

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