The Barcelona Free Zone improves its rainwater drainage with ULMA channels

The Barcelona Free Zone is one of the largest and most active industrial areas in Spain, as well as playing a fundamental role in Barcelona's economic potential. This 10,420 m² platform is close to the main international transport and infrastructure hubs.

The volume of traffic, the large loads that these areas withstand, with vehicles carrying containers, the braking and manoeuvring, in addition to the salinity of the environment, are important details to consider when choosing the best drainage solution. 


The customer required a drainage solution for the loading dock areas of the Customs Warehouse in the Free Zone. They needed an urgent solution, which could be executed within a tight timeframe and which would also work well with heavy, constant traffic, for the E600 load class.


The technical-commercial department defined the optimal channel and grating with the lowest possible cost to the customer.

The Kompaqdrain Industry channel, a monolithic channel with seamless, built-in grating, which is vandal and rust resistant.  This model is designed with no protrusions to prevent vibrations in vehicles as they pass over it.

Our KOMPAQDRAIN® drainage channels have an optimised V-shaped section and feature the Max Flow® system. It has an original curved design of the grating's inlet holes, which, together with the non-slippery surface and water router, optimise its collection and utilise its fall energy, increasing the speed of the water and its drainage capacity.

In addition, the progressive widening of the holes prevents the accumulation of waste. Therefore KOMPAQDRAIN® can drain the same volume of water with a smaller channel.

The whole system was disassembled to ensure no elements were missing in addition to the channels, such as the sump units and registers. The register and the top sump unit include the FNX200FTEM cast iron grating. They have lateral preforms for horizontal outlets on each side and lateral preforms for T, L and cross connections.

355 metres of the KOMPAQDRAIN Industry KVE200.10R model have been supplied, in addition to 15 AKVE200MF10RS sump units and registers.

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