The drainage solution for coastal sport environments

The drainage solution for coastal sport environments

Throughout history, lighthouses have been used to guide and protect sailors. 

Their light allowed ships to see at night and steer clear of dangerous areas, such as cliffs and rocks. In bad weather and heavy rain, the light from the lighthouse also helped to guide sailors towards the coast. 

I can imagine the excitement those sailors would have felt after a long voyage at sea. Seeing the light from the lighthouse must have filled them with hope and joy. Because that light meant that they would soon be home.  

Today I’d like to talk to you about a project that we’re involved with, in a spectacular location near to a very special lighthouse.

The Hercules Tower in La Coruña, Galicia, is not just any lighthouse. It is actually the only Roman lighthouse in existence and the oldest that is still in operation. And that's not all... 

It is in a spectacular location, which is also home to La Torre Sport Centre, one of the most popular sports facilities in La Coruña.

The project management for the renovation of the automatic irrigation system and the replacement of the artificial turf was handled by “Calderón y Asociados Ingeniería medioambiental S.L.”, a company we have worked with previously that specialises in sports facilities. 

And as for us, we offer a range of drainage channels that were designed and created specifically for sports and recreation facilities: the Sport range. 

In this particular case, where the football pitches are so close to the sea (barely 200m away), choosing the right material for the grating was also important, to prevent any rust issues due to the humid environment. 

And we offered the perfect solution.  

Sport drainage channels to guarantee a good fit

The channels from the Sport range are made from polymer concrete. The model we supplied was the D100, with rounded edges and a width of 155mm. 

I already mentioned that they're designed for sports facilities, right? Well this is what I was referring to: 

The rounded edges of the Sport channels are designed to prevent the artificial turf getting cut when the grating is fitted. But this little detail also enables us to better fit the channel and the turf together, fixing them properly in place.

We supplied a total of 1000ml of channels with grating, which were installed in four different football pitches. 

If you need advice for your drainage project, we can be your lighthouse. Get in touch and we will help you find the best solution to suit your needs.   

Composite grating for humid environments 

On the Atlantic coast, the humidity level is around 80%. And to ensure that our channels last over time, it is important that the materials we use are adapted to the environment where they will be installed. 

The solution was to install composite grating, so they don't rust over time due to water exposure. 

But beyond the material, and bearing in mind that footballers will be playing and running on top of the drainage systems, the design of the grating was also an important factor to consider. That is why the grating we installed has a stud-resistant grid design, to avoid any potential accidents. Because the last thing we want is for a footballer to get the studs on their boots stuck in the grating.

As you can see, we had a good understanding of the unique nature of the location and the needs of the customer, and we provided a solution that would be effective for any coastal sports project.  

We were like the lighthouse that guided sailors when they were lost. 

And that makes us very happy. Because it is in our nature to listen and understand, so we can offer solutions with a high level of professionalism, quality, efficiency and innovation. 

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