Introducing new Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Yet another step in our commitment to sustainability
Introducing new Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

We know that labeling a product as sustainable isn’t enough, so as part of our commitment to sustainability and the environment, we wanted to go further. 

And boy, have we done it... 

We have performed the Environmental Product Declaration for our architectural precasts, Stoneo panels for facade cladding and drainage channels made of polymer concrete. 

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are documents verified by accredited people from outside the company (in our case, by The International EPD© System — Environdec), which provide quantified information on a product’s environmental performance. For this, the entire product life cycle is analysed, from manufacturing, through distribution, installation and use. 

The purpose of EPDs is to inform about the impact of our products on the environment. To this end, the report analyzes aspects such as energy consumption, resource use or waste production, among others. 

In recent decades, general awareness around sustainability has increased, but for us, this isn’t a trend, but a way of life.

Because as a cooperative, we seek to improve our real-world impact. We strive to create a profitable business model that is also compatible with environmental protection. By achieving more EPDs, we are taking another step forward in our commitment to sustainability. 

Download Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)


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