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Thanks to the self-cleaning effect provided by the MAX-FLOW system, KOMPAQDRAIN® channels are an ideal solution for roads as they reduce maintenance costs.


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Extension work has been carried out on the regional road passing through Pasiano di Pordenone, in the north of Italy, where the optimum solution of KompaqDrain® drainage channels has been installed in the entry and exit pass over.

To carry out this work, we have put our trust in the ULMA brand, which has offered us the best solution for rainwater drainage in areas with high traffic intensity. Taking into account the heavy traffic that uses these roads daily, we have opted for a durable, resistant and maximum safety solution, the compact channel, KompaqDrain, model KOMPAQ200 CIVIL manufactured entirely in polymer concrete. More than 300 linear meters have been placed in the new exits of the dual carriageway.

ULMA's KompaqDrain system incorporates the Max Flow effect, an innovative feature that is based on the curved design of its water inlet holes. It manages to accelerate the speed of the water inside the channel itself, causing a self-cleaning effect naturally, reducing its need for cleaning maintenance.

Download the new KOMPAQDRAIN® CATALOGUE and if you would like to receive the printed version, write to us here.
City: Pasiano di Pordenone
Country: Italia
Products used: KOMPAQDRAIN model KOMPAQ200 CIVIL - code KVF200.30R