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Residents in Calle BALMES in Gijón, an area where the health of buildings is affected by their proximity to the sea, suffered from problems of dampness due to filtration and condensation and also as a result of the ceramic cladding falling off the original exterior wall. Furthermore, the building's image was becoming more and more degraded due to a clear lack of protection from the weather.

The project manager’s first goal was to completely refurbish the building in order to improve its health and safety conditions, ensuring the envelope had suitable energy performance and protection from humidity.

Another important aspect was to freshen up its image, looking for a renovated appearance with a contemporary design. 

The use of polymer concrete, a high-quality and high-performance material, along with the team of technical professionals responsible for the refurbishment, made it possible to achieve excellent VALUE FOR MONEY with QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and DESIGN.

The project’s architect, JOSE ANTONIO SUÁREZ CASTAÑÓN, stresses the quality of the installation system: "Apart from the robustness and quality design of the panels, we were convinced by the detail of the system ULMA used for fastening to the exterior wall and the vertical and horizontal batten system itself."

Solving the problems of dampness and improving energy performance have been key to achieving the satisfaction of both the project engineer and the building's residents:
"The problems of dampness and condensation have been resolved, while also improving the appearance of the building and the state of its envelope. Energy performance has improved by more than 30%, boosting the building's energy rating".

The first stage of the process involves precision work to adapt the polymer concrete plates to the existing building. ULMA's coordination with both the technical team and the construction company has been key. Moreover, thanks to its manufacturing technique using moulds, polymer concrete has proven to be extremely versatile as it can adapt completely to the design.

City: Gijón
Country: España
Architect/s: Jose Antonio Suárez Castañón
Project type: Restoration