3000 ml ULMA drainage solution on the Anchieta motorway -Brazil

The Anchieta Motorway that connects São Paulo with Santos Port, is one of the roads with the largest circulation of vehicles, people and goods in the whole of Brazil. Along its lanes, a total of 3000ml of KompaqDrain Traffic channels have been installed in three heights.

Our KompaqDrain Traffic channels have replaced the previous channels manufactured on site, reducing their hydraulic section and lowering their water resistance. In addition to greater hydraulic efficiency, the material, its quick installation and the exclusive Max Flow system were some of the key factors in choosing our compact channel solution.

Max-Flow exclusive system

This system is based on the curved design of the water inlets, which, in addition to their anti-slip, water-directing surface, helps to increase the water entry speed and the drainage capacity of the channels. It also creates a self-cleaning effect in the channel, preventing waste accumulation.

Quick installation

Our channels were the best solution both technically and as regards cost improvement. As the range is prefabricated it makes it quick and easy to install, significantly reducing the associated costs and its maintenance.

Polymer concrete, maximum safety

The whole KompaqDrain range is manufactured entirely in polymer concrete, a material highly resistant to compression, shock and wear by abrasion, key factors in areas of high traffic intensity such as this. In addition, as the channel and grating are in a single piece, it is ideal for areas that require maximum security, as is the case of the Anchieta motorway

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