Printing presses, compasses and progress

Printing presses, compasses and progress

More than once, I have read that one of the toughest times human beings have had to live through was the Middle Ages. Considering the conditions of the houses, the state of the streets, the insecurity at that time... this is not hard to imagine. But even though it was a tough time, it was also the period when inventions that were so important for our progress thrived, such as the printing press, the compass and the marine compass. 

If the human species stands out for one thing, it is its relentless quest for improvement. 

That pursuit of improvement is what has driven us at ULMA to improve the design and efficiency of our drainage channels.

A prime example is our development of the MultiV+ channel range.

Developments in R&D processes and our experience enabled us to develop this improved product range. 

How did we do it? 

By combining all of the benefits of our other ranges in a single system: the economy of the SELF system, the low heights of the MINI, the 8-point attachment of the F, the choice of slopes (presloped, cascaded and mixed) in our U and UK systems and the light weight that is a feature of all of our channels, as they are made of polymer concrete. 

Thanks to the material we use, we produce lighter channels, making installation easier and quicker, enabling substantial savings in installation costs. 

Bologna Airport (Italy), where these channels have been installed, has recently been able to benefit from all their advantages.

If you would like to find out more about ULMA’s drainage solutions, contact us here.

Optimised V-section

The V-shaped design of MULTIV+® channels has been developed to

drain water faster thus improving the self-cleaning effect of the channel.

Its optimised section, which is larger than the traditional V-shaped sections currently on the market, provides superior hydraulic capacity with extreme flows, making it the best option for stretches with no longitudinal slope.

These channels have been installed on the pedestrian approaches to the runways and in the airport car park, resulting in faster drainage at a highly competitive price. The MultiV+ range has even more advantages, but I will tell you about them some other day...or if you are curious, I describe them here.  


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In the Middle Ages, storm drainage systems were already in use, although they were simpler and more rudimentary than the remarkable sewage systems of the ancient Romans. The true pioneers of drainage.  

At ULMA we will continue to evolve and develop drainage solutions to improve water management, it is ingrained in our DNA and also in our values. 

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Technical Catalogue

Technical Catalogue

Product range

Product range


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