Technical support for efficient hidden drainage

For Parque Global, a residential area of over 58,000 m2 in São Paulo (Brazil)
Technical support for efficient hidden drainage

Today I’d like to begin with a question: 

What do cities like Paris, Bogota, Melbourne and Shanghai all have in common? 

They have all incorporated the concept of a 15-minute city into their urban proposal. This means creating cities where everything is accessible, decreasing the need to travel great distances to go to the supermarket, to school or to work. The goal is for all essential services to be no more than 15 minutes away by foot, bike or public transport. 

This urban planning idea aims to improve quality of life while also reducing harmful emissions. It is not a new idea; the cities I mentioned above have been developing it for years. 

And the list is still growing. 

Sao Paulo is now on this list as well, and the project I want to talk to you about today has incorporated the ideal of a 15-minute city. 

We're talking about Parque Global, a residential park of over 58,000 m2 that offers green spaces and recreational areas, with five residential towers. A new smart city in São Paulo that has embraced the ideal of a 15-minute city.

And it is in the park’s pool area where we installed our drainage channels.

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Technical support

When planning the project, the idea was to use a hidden drainage system. 

But the client had a few queries: 

They were unsure about the heights, model types and solutions that they could use... Our technical department worked very hard to develop solutions and adapt them to the client’s budget. 

And our technical support is one thing that sets us apart as a company. 

In this case, for example, our technical department provided all the advice the client needed when it came to specification and the dimensions of all the sections. 

The team helped to select the model for each section, according to any limitations, and developed a detailed project for the installation of drainage systems. 

Efficient drainage with no visual impact

The end result was an efficient drainage system with no visual impact. The channels were installed around the pools and in open areas between the blocks of flats, replacing all the existing drainage.

Even with the height limitations in certain areas, such as the paving , we were able to use hidden drainage with the M100 and HYDROH65 low-profile channels.

In areas that required greater hydraulic capacity, such as pedestrianised spaces and areas near planters, we used the EUROSELF channels with central and lateral slot drainage.

Parque Global now has an optimal drainage solution with no visual impact, specifically developed for sections with height restrictions. 


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