To get to the top, pay attention to those who make it the farthest

Rafa Nadal Academy
To get to the top, pay attention to those who make it the farthest

Today we have a project where many different channels have been installed with various applications, but the interesting thing, which is worth talking about, is where they have been installed.

Let me leave you with a thought.

For people who have family, like me for example, it is important to give our children what we didn’t have when we were young, yet wanted so badly. A powerful microscope, a big pirate ship, a weekend at a theme park... I’m sure you there were things you wanted as well (frustrations that you wanted to pass on to your living relatives :))

We may also sometimes project onto them our desire to achieve or be something that we have not yet* managed ourselves. (You should never lose hope :))

So, how do we help to guide them toward that desired future, that which we have been unable to achieve in our life? By teaching and enlightening them, that’s how.

Here’s the point. Imagine that you always wanted to be a successful athlete. You want your little ones to have the chance to learn from the best and figure out if they can do the same in their future. 

Or, you want them to be great tennis players. If it were me, I would take them to a place where they can learn from one of the best. Yes, I’m talking about Rafal Nadal, considered the best player in the history of tennis on clay​, if not one of the best players of all time in general.

At the Rafa Nadal Academy we installed a strip of channels. There is a huge range of different models from various ranges, for load classes from A15 to D400.

Channel drain sytems

If you explore these incredible facilities, you will find channels from the SELF range in the areas for pedestrians and occasional vehicle use, in addition to channels from the SPORT range. These drainage channels are designed for sports facilities, as the name suggests, and have been installed around the perimeter of the tennis courts, both the clay courts and the hard courts, the highlight of the academy. You can see them in the photos. 

You will also find more technical channels, such as the Multi V +, a versatile product that is suitable for intermediate loads and road traffic where the hydraulic requirements are low or medium.

And let’s not forget the Hydro channels. These polypropylene channels are designed for use by pedestrians and sporadic tourist traffic, in areas with low hydraulic requirements.

As you can see, such large projects often use a wide variety of channel models. 

If you have a similar project, or a smaller one, let our technical team advise you and offer the best drainage solution. We are here, by your side.

Hydraulic Calculation

Our technical engineering team studies each project to ensure that the proposed channel systems are optimal in terms of both drainage capacity and cost. 

They use a multi-platform software developed by ULMA that provides a simple and precise way to optimise channel costs by enabling you to select the channel that is best suited to the application, the exact location of intermediate outlets and the distribution of channels, whether sloped or cascaded.

Although the photos were taken on day when we didn’t have the beautiful sunshine that Mallorca is known for, they do show how the channels work, draining rainwater to prevent puddles and water building up.


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All that is left is to wish Rafa a speedy recovery. We’d like to continue enjoying his great game and watching his arm do its thing. We know that he is sorely missed by tennis fans.  And we’ll end with an inspirational quote from Rafa himself, which we fully identify with:

        "Effort, hard work and dedication are the keys to success”

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