New KOMPAQDRAIN® compact channel

ULMA Architectural Solutions presents KOMPAQDRAIN®, its new, innovative compact drainage channel with Max Flow® system
New KOMPAQDRAIN® compact channel

KOMPAQDRAIN® is a novel compact channel made of polymer concrete, suitable up to load class F900, according to standard EN-1433. It has been specifically designed for areas with high traffic density by ULMA Architectural Solutions, specialists in drainage systems.

Motorways, airports, service stations and other intense traffic areas require high drainage and maximum safety requirements to which KOMPAQDRAIN® responds with a combination of features that make it unique on the market:

• It is compact, presented in one piece: the channel and grate form an undividable unit ensuring greater rigidity and safety, avoiding dangerous separation of elements. This compactness minimises the required maintenance, while enabling faster installation, significantly reducing the associated costs.

• It is entirely manufactured in polymer concrete, an anti-corrosive material composed of a select combination of silica and quartz aggregates, bound by stable polyester resins. KOMPAQDRAIN® offers great durability and exceptional resistance.

• Its state-of-the-art Max Flow® system, with V-section, gives the channel greater drainage and self-cleaning capacity, increasing the water entry speed. Therefore Kompaqdrain® can drain the same volume of water with a smaller channel. 

• The surface of KOMPAQDRAIN® with its non-slip design, presents routing directional openings holes that optimise water uptake and utilise the energy from the falling water, meaning it is not necessary to reduce its speed inside the channel, thus increasing drainage capacity.

• The original design of the KOMPAQDRAIN® channel inlet includes a progressive widening of the lower part, to prevent waste accumulating. This feature, coupled with the increased water entry speed, ensures an effective self-cleaning effect. 

KOMPAQDRAIN® meets all requirements of the EN-1433 international standard of quality and reliability.

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