John Adams toy company choses ULMA's drainage channels for its warehouse in Alconbury, england

John Adams toy company choses ULMA's drainage channels for its warehouse in Alconbury, england

Today I am going to tell you why the Multi V+ channel drains water faster, but first let me share a reflection on laughter and play. 

You see, I recently attended a laughter therapy workshop. 

Yes, I believe that laughter is one of the most important things we need to incorporate into our lives, for all the benefits it brings to our health.

 And because I wanted to fill my life with more laughter, I ventured into this workshop.

I learned that the quickest way to laugh is to play.

But not in any way, but by getting right into it like children do or like when you dive into the pool and you feel that everything outside the water doesn't exist. 

This is the only way to stop time, to really enjoy the moment and to laugh a lot.

There are all kinds of games and toys to make us laugh, and John Adams Leisure Ltd., the toy company whose project I am going to tell you about today, knows all about this. They have been developing innovative games for children for more than 50 years. 

When I discovered that the famous game Rummikub, or the even more famous Rubik's cube, was developed by them, I was pleasantly surprised. 

In the industrial area of Cambridgeshire, specifically in Alconbury, the toy company John Adams has a warehouse where, in the outside area and car park, they have installed 200 ml of Multi V+ channel with load class D400, which, as I mentioned at the beginning, drains rainwater more quickly.

Why do they achieve this?

Because its design has been optimized so that a smaller channel can be chosen, i.e. one that is cheaper, but drains the same amount of water as a larger channel. In this way, the cost of the work or project is optimized.

But it doesn't end there. The V-shape of this model, by draining the water at a higher speed, has a greater capacity to drag the sediments that accumulate inside the channel. In this way, a self-cleaning effect is achieved. 

And how does this benefit the drainage system? 

Less maintenance and savings in cleaning costs.

Because the V-shape provides:

  • More velocity at low flow rates
  • More capacity at extreme flow rates

This is because ULMA has redesigned the V-section of the Multi V+, and it is larger than the traditional V-sections on the market. 

These channels have even more advantages, but I will tell you about them another day, because I think that with what I have told you about laughter and play, it is time to put them into practice. It will help us to de-stress, to oxygenate our body, to release endorphins and, in short, to be happier.

Who's in?

In the meantime, if you have a drainage project in hand and want to define the best cost-optimized channel, get in touch here.

Important Toy company established in 1967, John Adams Leisure Ltd., is joining the community at Alconbury Weald, an important Enterprise Campus in Cambridgeshire, which has been identify by the company as an opportunity to expand their international client base.

Drainfast, ULMA's authorized distributor, has supplied this project with the MULTI V+ drainage channel. This solution has an optimized V shape with higher hydraulic efficiency, is available in different heights,up to a load class of D400, and cascaded slopes are also possible.
More than 200 LM of MULTIV150 channel with a slotted ductile iron grating FNX150RGDM have been installed in the surroundings of the Company.

ULMA's polymer concrete channels are the best range of EN-1433 certified channel drain on the market with best of class Superior Locking System available.

ULMA provides a complete system, capable of suiting any aspect of your channel drainage needs. With a vast range of sizes and load classes.

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