Seeing is believing

Highly durable drainage channels in landmark projects
Seeing is believing

My colleague Juan José León, one of our drainage salesmen whom you may know, says that vintage is in fashion.

The other day I wrote to him to see if he had any finished projects in the centre of Palencia, because a photographer was going to stop by. 

He listed a few, but there is one that I wanted to mention. 

Now you will see why.

It's about the development on Calle Mayor in Palencia, and this was the conversation with Juan:

  • There is a project that is really old, about 25 years old, but it is very good. We supplied around a thousand metres of channels
  • But is it really 25 years old... and well kept?
  • The channels and I are older than fire, but we still keep the flame going.

That made me laugh.

He told me that the channels were in perfect condition, so I asked the photographer to go, and here you can see them: Seeing is believing.

If I tell you that our channels stand the test of time, and that we use highly durable materials, you may or may not believe it. 

But if I tell you that we supplied this project some 25 years ago, and you see how the channels are, you can judge for yourself.

Of course there is wear from the elements... but the building site is 25 years old!!! 

We supply URBAN channels and cast-iron grating. They are channels for pedestrian use and sporadic vehicular traffic.

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Palencia’s main street promenade is the backbone of the city, and it is almost one kilometre long. 

Interestingly, this street was used as a set for two great Spanish films: "Calle Mayor" by Juan Antonio Bardem and "Plenilunio" by Manuel Uribe, where many people from Palencia appear as extras.

It goes without saying that it is a symbolic promenade. Quality products are always used in symbolic projects, and therefore last for a long time. 

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