We have a solution to height restriction issues where connections between drainage lines and sewers meet

Today we are going to tell you how we solved a potential problem for the residents in  Haltern am See, a small town in western Germany. 

In one of its residential areas, the entire street is connected to the underground piping, and for its renovation, ULMA drainage channels were chosen.

When it came to choosing the best option, there were two factors to take address: on the one hand, the waste collection trucks were going to drive over the channels several times a week, so the drainage system had to be resistant. But more problematic it had to be a specific height to connect the drainage system to the sewerage system. 

With this in mind, they opted for the MultiV+ range with 14mm grating for the channel run along the residential street. 

One of the most valued advantages of the MultiV+ range is the Rapidlock® pressure fixing system, which allows the grating to be quickly and easily attached to the channel body. This makes installation, maintenance and cleaning easier. 

But that's not all. Each linear metre has 8 fixing points. Not 4 like most of the channels on the market. This provides greater strength, increased stability and distribution of forces along the grating and the channel. 

Heavy duty drainage channels at different heights

Do you have height problems when installing your drainage system? We have the solution. Contact us.

The drainage line had to be connected to the sewerage system, However the issue was the large difference in height: Infact 40 cm between the height of the MultiV+ channels and the connection to the sewerage system. 

In order to negate this problem our technical team offered the client the Civil-F range of channels in different heights and installed in cascade slope. 

The cascade channel installation is a combination of straight channels of various heights that are joined using step connectors. A simple and economic onsite execution for areas where slopes need to be incorporated, as in this case. The channels in the civil-F range are available in heights from 300mm to 750mm.

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