The value of a comprehensive service: technical advice, a personalised study and a custom solution

The value of a comprehensive service: technical advice, a personalised study and a custom solution

Why is a comprehensive service so important for a facade restoration?

The presence of moisture condensation on windows and walls, excessive noise from outside, the appearance of patches and flaking paint inside properties or other problems associated with damp, as well as excess heat or cold, are some of the problems that may make the restoration of the property's exterior facades necessary or advisable.

Ventilated facades, whose most impressive and innovative feature is the ventilated chamber between the cladding and the insulation, are one of the most efficient and cost-effective new work construction or property restoration solutions because they are able to combine comfort, durability, strength and energy savings.

Expertise in the design and installation of these types of facades is essential and we also have our own team of experts who provide fully personalised technical advice to customers. It is only thanks to this that they are able to offer bespoke solutions for each project

What does a comprehensive facade restoration service consist of? 

It must include personalised advice based on close cooperation and seamless communication between technicians, designers and contractors

Support from the needs analysis to the completion of the works

To ensure that the technical advice is complete and comprehensive, the customer must feel that they are being properly advised on the solution to their problem: from a preliminary needs analysis to the manufacture and installation of cladding panels, we cover each and every intermediate phase and stage of the project. 

The aim is to leave nothing to chance and take care of every tiny detail.

Some of the main work involved in technical advisory services are:

  • Adapting each individual section of the facade to suit the shape of the building. To do this, we perform a detailed analysis to ensure that the different parts and openings in the facade fit together perfectly.

  • Finding the best solutions in the combinations of materials used, working together with designers to establish the construction details.

  • Technical analyses aimed at reducing wastage.

  • Detailed preliminary analyses enable custom panel cutting, keeping joints to a minimum (the fewest possible at present). 

  • Advice on finding the best solutions for the facade's critical points.

  • Recommendations on the choice of colour and texture.

  • Technical and financial advice to optimise the cost of completing each project. 

When they have gathered the necessary information, our teams of experts prepare a suitability verification report on the system based on the stresses to which the analysed building will be subjected

We then prepare the necessary drawings of the substructure and the panel layout, which are required for the correct on-site installation of the facade. 

Our bespoke technical advice maximises the benefits of ventilated facades

In ULMA we offer fully tailored advice that allows us to adapt to each project, resulting in higher overall quality and outstanding finishes. In short, everything above can be found in all of our projects.

If you have any queries about this, please contact our teams, with no obligation.  

All of these efforts to perform bespoke analyses have substantial benefits, as they allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of ventilated facades, harnessing all of their potential: increased technical and aesthetic durability of the facades, added comfort for the user thanks to the great technical and acoustic insulation achieved, as well as sanitation and hygiene improvements and asset appreciation, ensuring a quick return on your investment from the works. 

And we also must not forget the substantial energy savings achieved with this type of restoration, which not only benefits the residents in the properties, but also society as a whole by incorporating actions that promote sustainability and resource optimisation.

Choosing us for your ventilated facade project ensures that you will receive technical advice from start to finish, including a bespoke analysis that takes into account the tiniest of details, ending with the completion of a custom solution that is fully aligned with the needs of each customer. 

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier