We tell you the secret to protect your facade from the sun

We tell you the secret to protect your  facade from the sun

We often look for something a little different, a creative touch that gives a facade character.

That touch does not have to be for the whole facade, it can be for an area to which you want to add character, or you need to protect from the sun.

For these cases, we propose a different solution, which is bound to inspire your next project. We are talking about perforated facades.

And you must be wondering if they can also be achieved with engineered stone?

Yes, they can.

This attractive option is possible, and you can give your project opaque and perforated areas using the same material.

Here we tell you about the benefits that perforated facades offer:

They reduce solar radiation

This skin allows you to mitigate direct sun radiation on the facade.

This prevents the interior from getting too hot at certain times of the year.

And what do you get? An increase in energy efficiency, savings in energy consumption and a more comfortable place.


They regulate the light intensity

They regulate the light intensity that passes through the facade.

They offer good visibility from the inside, while protecting against prying eyes.

In addition, at night, light can be added to this perforation from the inside, providing an extremely attractive result.

They add a personal and creative touch to your project

Bearing in mind that nowadays there are almost no limits to designs and shapes, and that with the help of technology any kind of perforation can be made, you can adapt the panels to your personality.

There are as many types as you can have creative ideas:

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier