Stoneo with custom color panels

Dina Vila Nova residential building
Stoneo with custom color panels

If we see architectural design as a visual form of communication, color palettes perform a key role when it comes to conveying the message of a building. 

From warm tones that evoke comfort and familiarity, to vibrant colors that have the power to create a visual impact and convey a sense of vitality, each color choice in a space communicates an intention and a unique identity.

And although this applies to both indoor and outdoor spaces, for the design of facades, color can completely transform the appearance of a building. 

Stoneo Art: Customizing panel colors

Our commitment goes beyond offering a large palette of standard colors; we endeavor to meet the creative expectations of every project and customer.

And these are not empty words. Today I will show you what I mean: 

Presenting the Dina Vila Nova residential building in São Paulo (Brazil). For this project we developed a bespoke color palette.  

The western facade of the residential complex features Stoneo panels with exclusive colors that we developed, designed and produced.

If you are looking for a different color for your next facade and you have an idea, we can help you make it a reality. Contact us here. 

The process from beginning to end

When the team at Sao Paulo Arquitetos got in contact with us at ULMA and told us that they needed Stoneo panels in exclusive colors, we began a process to obtain the exact colors they wanted. 

And the process went as follows: 

  1. Development: To develop the color, the customer sends us a request based on a RAL color (or similar) or a sample.
  2. Samples: Once the color requirements have been established, our team begins the sample production process. We use cutting-edge technology and specialized techniques to create samples that accurately represent the desired color. We carry out a durability evaluation process to guarantee the necessary properties.  
  3. Testing and Approval: Once the sample is ready, we send it to the customer for approval. We work with the architect to make any adjustments before going ahead with production.
  4. Personalized Production: When the architect approves the samples, our team begins production and manufacture of the Stoneo panels. We use the latest manufacturing technologies to guarantee precision and color consistency.
  5. Delivery and After-Sales Service Finally, we deliver the panels and provide after-sales support to ensure they are installed correctly on site.

Yo cortaria la foto para que se viera así y resaltar los colores.

We understand that color is more than an aesthetic choice; it is an expression of identity and vision. As Le Corbusier said it: 

“Polychromy is as powerful an architectural tool as the plan and section”.

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier