Always at your service

We always ensure we give the best service and care to our customers.
We have our own commercial network to offer the best personalised service directly on site, in addition to an R&D department that is responsible for developing new products that the market demands.

  • Own Commercial Network with exclusive dedication to offer the best personalised attention to our customers directly on site.

  • Our own technical team that provides personalized technical advice to our customers, providing customised solutions for each project.

  • R&D department for the development of new products.

  • More than 25 years' experience in polymer concrete at the service of our customers' needs.

  • Great productive capacity with a production plant of 12,000 m2 to satisfy all our customers' needs.

  • Quality Guarantee backed by own quality certificates issued by prestigious bodies.

  • Lightweight material that enables easier handling and installing on site.

  • Waterproof material meaning it is not necessary to install waterproof layers to meet the TBC standards compared to other materials in which its use is necessary.