Customised solutions

Are you looking for a customised solution for your building?

We offer customised solutions to obtain differentiated projects in both New Builds and Restorations. We offer fast innovative solutions adjusted to every need, relying on the experience of our technical product department.

We are able to offer customisation in SHAPES, DIMENSIONS, and TEXTURES.

You can learn more in this video.

There is nothing better to define our possibilities than showing projects in which teamwork between ULMA and the project designers results in great customisation.


Terrace front with creative shapes

The owners decided to replace the original pieces that were damaged, with a customised solution in polymer concrete. In order to achieve similar but more resistant pieces, we had to scan a significant section of the facade in order to obtain a 3D-printed piece of the existing model. From this first piece, the moulds were manufactured and a specific substructure was developed for the installation of the pieces on the facade.

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Texture customised terrace fronts

The unique characteristic of the piece is the finish in a special slate texture combining aesthetics with innovation. "We are especially proud of this project as it is one of the most spectacular façades in the area and it has changed the appearance of the building, clearly increasing the property's patrimonial aspect to the benefit of its owners"

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Dimension customised terrace fronts

The building had cracking and fracture problems on part of the facing caused by the lack of stone covering the reinforcements. Specific custom pieces for the project have been designed and manufactured, providing a solution to the building's different finishes in balcony fronts, blind panels and window borders.

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Modern or traditional and incredibly easy to install. But always using polymer concrete

The balcony, a luxury item during quarantine and, from here on out, a must-have in your specifications. The traditional option, to preserve the essence and appearance while improving durability and safety. The modern option, a light minimalist touch.

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Slats for the facade of Banca March in Mallorca

The building's facade was surrounded by pillars that the architects wanted to cover to achieve a much more aesthetically attractive facade. For this, ULMA designed and manufactured special slats adapting to the needs of the building.

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Customised benches for the Viladecans Shopping Centre

These are curved pieces forming circular benches, which have served as islands to combine elements inside. Water fountains have been combined with vegetation, giving the whole unit a pleasant and harmonious appearance for the user.

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