Technical Building Code

At ULMA Architectural Solutions we are committed to complying with the Technical Building Code. Therefore, we have developed two new coping models: MACT and MBCT, in widths of 14, 25 and 30 cm.

Our copings have the following necessary characteristics in order to comply with the Standard:

  • An inclination of 10º. Achieved thanks to its new design.

  • Drip caps fitted at the bottom for the water to run out. All our copings have this feature.

  • It is also important when they are fitted for them to be separated from the corresponding walls of the parapet by at least 2 cm.

  • They must be impermeable. The material used to make them, makes this feature possible. Polymer concrete has virtually zero water absorption.

  • Expansion joints must be fitted between each of the pieces when prefabricated copings are used, as in this case.

  • The joints between the copings should be fitted ensuring they are impermeable with an adequate seal. It is important to pay attention to the installation instructions.

Our technical R&D teams work to develop the products demanded by the market and are always attentive to our customers' needs.