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KompaqDrain® channel at the toll station on the Arrasate/Mondragón AP-1 motorway

A total of 100 linear metres of KompaqDrain® compact channel have been installed at the toll station on the Motorway, level with the town in Gipuzkoa.


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An average of 12,000 vehicles passes through this toll station every day. The installation of this resistant, compact channel was the chosen solution, taking into account the importance of correct water evacuation and safety on public roads.

The KompaqDrain® compact channel meets all these requirements. This range is manufactured entirely in polymer concrete, a material highly resistant to compression, shock and wear by abrasion, key factors in areas of high traffic intensity such as toll stations.

As it is compact it provides maximum safety, since there is no danger of the grating coming loose and causing any kind of incident.

All channels in the range are equipped with the Max-Flow® system. This system is based on the curved design of the water inlets, which, due to their progressive widening, help to increase the water entry speed, as well as the drainage capacity of the channels. It also creates a self-cleaning effect in the channel, preventing waste accumulation.

The model chosen by the construction company Campezo, pioneers in Spain in implementing this new system, was the KompaqDrain® Civil, specially designed to support load classes up to F900.
City: Arrasate - Mondragón
Country: España
Products used: KOMPAQDRAIN®