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MultiV+ 200 channels in the Géant Casino car park in Saint Etienne, France

A total of 580 linear metres of ULMA's technical solution have been supplied


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The Géant Casino hypermarket, with more than 200,000 employees and almost 13,000 stores worldwide, has become one of the world leaders in the food trade.

ULMA drainage channels have been installed for the correct evacuation of rainwater in the car park of its headquarters in Saint Etienne. Due to the regular vehicle and pedestrian traffic through the car park, the drainage solution chosen was the MultiV+ channels with slotted ductile iron gratings.

The MultiV+ range of channels is specially designed for pedestrian and commercial areas and car parks for all types of vehicles. These channels support up to load class D-400 according to Standard EN-1433. Their optimised V-shaped design makes it possible to drain the water at a higher speed, improving the channel's self-cleaning effect and increasing its hydraulic capacity. 

Lastly, we can highlight its 8-point locking system which provides greater stability and distribution of forces along the whole grating and channel. It has a rapid and totally manual locking system that speeds up and facilitates its installation; Rapidlock®. In total, 580 linear metres of ULMA's technical solution have been supplied throughout the outdoor car park.

City: Saint Etienne
Country: Francia
Products used: Canales MultiV+200