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ULMA channels at the Orleans Hospital in France

MultiV system channels with single-slot grating have been installed in the area around the hospital


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The Orleans regional hospital located 10 km from the centre of Orleans, it has been a great investment for the population of the Centre-Loire Valley region, as it was designed to be the first high environmental quality regional hospital. In order to offer a healthy and comfortable environment, principles of bioclimatic, ecological and economic architecture were taken into account.

ULMA Architectural Solutions participated in this project by installing one of its drainage systems in the area around the hospital. The system chosen was the MULTIV+100 model with single-slot grating. The MULTIV system was developed to drain water at higher speed, improving the channel's self-cleaning effect. In addition, as the system is suitable for pedestrian areas, commercial areas and car parks, it was the ideal option for the outside area of the hospital.

Single-slot grating: aesthetics and functionality
The galvanised steel single-slot grating is an inverted "L" shaped grating model ensuring invisible drainage due to its perfect integration into the paving. Its resistance (load class D-400) makes it an "aesthetic" system with hidden drainage, ideal to ensure the visual harmony of the area.
The use of this type of grating, with its discreet appearance providing a stylish solution to water collection, perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.

City: Orleans
Country: Francia