Single-slot grating

What is a single-slot grating

Aesthetics and hydraulic capacity The SINGLE-SLOT GRATING is part of an integral system, consisting of a discrete slot, a channel body and a sump unit for optimal maintenance of the drainage system. It is an inverted “T” or “L” shaped grating model, that stands out mainly for its aesthetics, since it integrates perfectly in the pavement (either concrete, paving stone or tiles), totally blending in with the urban landscape.

It is an integral system developed by the Department of Engineering of ULMA, adaptable to different models of channel and available in galvanised and stainless steel. It withstands a load up to D-400 according to Standard EN1433

The grating can be single-slot or double-slot for greater hydraulic efficiency or side-slot to install close to walls.



Channels with the possibility of incorporating a single-slot grating:

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Sanctuary of Montserrat

ULMA has developed a special drainage solution for the remodelling of the entrance square to the emblematic Sanctuary of Montserrat. There are three squares on different levels, connected to each other and serving as an antechamber to the Basilica.

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Single-slot grating in the Plaza Mayor shopping centre, León - Mexico

In the Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre, Self 200 model drainage channels have been installed with single-slot grating, with the main advantage of its high drainage capacity and aesthetic integration in the pavement.

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2250ML of ULMA's solution on the new Gran Vía in Madrid

The Gran Vía is one of the most emblematic streets in Madrid and it has just been re-opened after a semi-pedestrianisation process that lasted 8 months.