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ULMA drainage channels at the newly opened Lidl store in Tres Molinos, Barcelona

Once again, the Lidl supermarket chain opts for our F and MultiV+ systems for its largest store in Spain


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The German company has been present in Spain since 1994, when it opened its first store in the city of Lleida, and since then it has continued to grow. The new Lidl store was opened last February and is located in the historic Tres Molinos building in Esplugues. It is the largest and most sustainable store that the German firm has opened in Spain, and it has now become the benchmark establishment. It has an area of 1800 square metres and more than 150 parking spaces.
Once again, Lidl has opted for our channel solutions, as was the case with its Badalona store. Two different systems have been installed in the store's car park: The F system for large loads and for lighter traffic the MultiV+ channels.

F system and MultiV+ system
The F channels are highly resistant and have a system to fix the grating to the channel using 4 screws. They have been specially designed for sections which are subjected to heavy loads, especially in goods loading and unloading areas. For their part, the MultiV+ channels are an improved product range that is mainly used in pedestrian areas, commercial areas and car parks for all types of vehicles.

City: Barcelona
Country: España