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160 linear metres of drainage solution have been installed in the area surrounding the Town Hall and its car park


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Ballan-Miré is a French municipality with 8,114 inhabitants, located in the country's central region. Right in the centre of the city is the Town Hall, which is mainly home to the city's administrative services.

The MULTIV+ 150 drainage system has been installed, which is optimum for pedestrian areas, shopping areas and car parks. The channels in this range have an optimized V-section, to drain the water at a higher speed, improving the channel's self-cleaning effect. In addition, for its installation, the exclusive ULMA Rapidlock system was chosen, which allows the grating to be fitted to the body of the channel quickly, safely and with little effort.

As regards the grating, the single-slot was selected, suitable for load class D400. The choice of this type of grating has provided an ideal solution for this cobbled area, as a discreet and aesthetically pleasing option, without relinquishing drainage capacity. In total, 160 linear metres of drainage have been installed.

City: Niza
Country: Francia
Area: Ballan Millé
Products used: Canales MultiV+150
Project type: New Construction