ULMA drainage channels in Ibrox Football Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland

Versatility of our drainage channels
ULMA drainage channels in Ibrox Football Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland

Project: Ibrox Football Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland. “The house of the Rangers”

The word versatile comes from the Latin term versatilis, which is applied to situations, or people which adapt to change. A versatile object is one that can fulfil functions in a variety of circumstances, not just one. Look for example a Swiss Army Knife…..

There are multiple things you can do with it: open a bottle of wine, cut bread, lime a piece of wood, and much more.

Today I am going to explain to you why our channels are also a versatile solution.

Ok, not as much as a swiss army knife, but at least you can do 2 completely different things with them.

The most common use of a channel worldwide, as you know, is to drain rain water and direct it to the sewer conductions. So we prevent ponding and eliminate the risk of  flash floods when downpours. 

Yes,  this is the most common use, but there is another interesting one as well, that you might not know about. 

Let’s go to the house of the Rangers, in Glasgow, the Ibrox Football Stadium, so I can show it to you.

Here, CIVIL F system channels have been installed, but not to drain water, but to conduct the wiring of the facilities from the outside to the inside of the stadium.

So instead of installing a slotted or mesh design for the grating, these are solid, with no inlets.  The fact that the gratings are solid avoids water from getting inside the channel. This protects the wires  and keeps them dry.

These channels with solid cover can have a Rapidlock quick lock, a system that allows you to open and close the cover in one click, without the need of tools.

Simple, easy and quick, like dissolving cocoa in milk.

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In this way the cables are arranged inside the channels and the surface keeps smooth and passable with the solid cover. 

So next time you think about ULMA channels, keep in mind that they are versatile, they can drain water or protect  and conduct cables and wires.  Depending on the grating you choose, its use can be changed.

We do not only have versatile channels, we have versatile gratings as well, that can be installed in different channels models.

We also have a versatile professional team, which can help you with all kinds of projects, from pedestrian areas to an international airport, and of course, anything in between.

Versatility  is linked to flexibility and adaptability, adjectives that define us and are part of our motto.

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