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Today we're travelling to the French coast, to one of the oldest ports in the country. 

We're talking about the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port, which is 3000 years old. 

A long time ago, 3000 years in fact.

The project we worked on is located in a part of the Nantes Port that is used for unloading materials for recycling. As you can see in the photos, the ships are unloaded by cranes; but while the cranes don't cross over the channels, the trucks do. 

That's why we supplied F250 channels with grating for load classes of up to F900, and we installed more than 100 LM for this solution. 

Ports are highly demanding areas, both for the volume of traffic and for the salt levels in the environment 

That's why, for these environments, we recommend installing drainage channels from the CIVIL range, for heavy loads.

Why? Because the entire range has been specially designed for sections where drainage systems have to withstand heavy loads. To achieve this, the channels have a system for locking the grating to the channel by means of 8 screws per linear metre.


I can't promise you that our channels will last 3000 years (like the Nantes Port), but what I can assure you is that the properties of our material—polymer concrete—are guaranteed for a very long time. 

The polymer concrete used in the product is 4 times stronger than traditional concrete. This enables us to considerably reduce the prefabricated sections, so we can produce lightweight parts in smaller sizes.

If you're looking for strong, long-lasting and easy-to-install drainage channels, we have the solution for you. Contact us here. 

Easy installation

We want to make your lives easy, which is why our drainage solutions are lightweight and easy to install on site. 

The lightness of our materials saves money by reducing the need for auxiliary equipment for transporting them to the site and by making them easier to position. And the channel installation process is also very simple. 

You can see for yourself with this video that we've uploaded to explain the process step by step:

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