Slot grating, aesthetics and functionality

ULMA slot grating is part of a comprehensive system that consists of the grating, the drainage channel and sump unit for optimal maintenance of the drain line.
Slot grating, aesthetics and functionality

It is a grating with an inverted "T" shape, and is particularly appreciated for its aesthetic, as it fits perfectly into the pavement (either concrete, cobblestone or tile) achieving a complete camouflage in the urban landscape.
It involves a comprehensive system developed by the ULMA Department of Engineering, adaptable to different channel models and available in galvanized and stainless steel.

Supports a load class up to D-400 according to standard EN1433, suitable for road highways, pedestrian streets, sidewalks and parking areas for all types of road vehicles.
The slot grating can be single, double for increased hydraulic efficiency, or side to be installed in areas close to walls.
This grating  is compatible with this channels of the SELF Family:

• Euroself
• Dome
• Self
• Self200

Family URBAN:
• U100
• U150

Family Multi V +:
• Multiv100
• Multiv150


Technical Catalogue

Technical Catalogue

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Product range


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