Caen Stadium: a history rich in emotions

Caen Stadium: a history rich in emotions

Today, I am going to tell you about the history of the Claude-Mercier Stadium, in Caen, France. 

The Venoix Stadium, as it is also known, has been at the centre of Caen's sporting history since 1912. Over a century now! 

Now converted into a training ground, it has borne witness to the region's history and the development of sport in our society. 

As far back as 1914, it was hosting the Lower Normandy athletics championships and stages from several Tours de France have ended in its 400-metre velodrome. In 2011, the under-20s Six Nations Tournament was held here, along with numerous equestrian events. 

In other words, throughout its history, the Stadium has seen the biggest explosions of joy and witnessed the bitterest of disappointments, while allowing talent and perseverance to shine through. 

Nowadays, young talents from the youth and reserve teams of Club Stade Malherbe Caen train there, as does the team SC Hérouville.

Preserving history and preparing the future

Trusting in the value of this facility that is so pivotal in the city's social structure, Caen continues to invest in its modernisation. 

Therefore, it was decided to install a new drainage system designed to optimise rainwater drainage, guaranteeing the safety of the athletes and the functionality of the facilities. 

ULMA's MultiV+ polymer concrete drainage channel system was chosen: it combines a number of standout features.

Optimised drainage and simpler maintenance are added values that ULMA's MultiV+ system brings to any sporting facility. 

Installing it allows you to significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs. 

In fact, the higher speed of the collected rainwater thanks to its V-shaped design improves the system's performance, thus reducing the size of the drainage channel and, consequently, the costs of the associated earthworks.

Additionally, the self-cleaning effect due to the high speed of the water reduces the need for maintenance. Another substantial saving to consider.

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ULMA's quick-to-install Rapidlock channels: effective and safe

The MultiV+ polymer concrete drainage channel system also has a RapidLock quick locking system, a big advantage when it comes to installation and maintenance. 

The main feature of the RapidLock system is the ease and effectiveness with which the grating can be fixed to the channel. 

The eight-point single-click screwless fixing system speeds up the installation of the whole channel and makes it easier to open for maintenance. 

It also stabilises the grating and, thanks to more evenly distributed loads, it prevents any movement.

The effectiveness of this ULMA system has been demonstrated in other sporting facilities like the Amédée Domenech Stadium in Brive-la-Gaillarde, to name but one.

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