Don't overshadow something that should really shine

Hidden urban drainage system
Don't overshadow something that should really shine

If I have to pick one area in France I really like, it would have to be the area of Provence and the Côte d'Azur.  

We've enjoyed several family holidays to this region in southern France and we've never been disappointed. The natural setting, the relaxed atmosphere and, of course, its beautiful towns make this one of my favourite places for a getaway. 

 Today, we're headed to Saint-Zacharie, a small town in the region, around 25 kilometres from Aix. 

This tiny town is perched above the villages around it. Its altitude has made it so famous that people say you can reach out and touch the feet of angels, or that snow is made here.

Curiosities aside, today I want to tell you how we helped to find a drainage solution with excellent hydraulic efficiency while respecting the aesthetics of the ensemble. 

Technical advice and hydraulic calculations

The first thing we did was carry out a hydraulic study using our Optimal Drain software to calculate the behaviour of water in the channels.  By doing so, we can optimise the cost of the channel lines by selecting the channel best suited to each project. 

Having completed this study, and thanks to the collaboration between the project's construction manager and our Technical Department, it was decided that the best solution was to install MultiV+ Channels with single-slot grating.

Optimized V-section for improved hydraulic efficiency

MultiV+ channels have a technical feature that sees them achieve a higher speed at low flow and increased capacity in extreme flows. 

Let me explain: 

Their V-shape allows water to drain more quickly, meaning the force of the water when travelling through the channel is capable of moving sediments, generating a self-cleaning effect.  

The smooth finish of the channel's interior helps the water to glide better, which improves the system's evacuation capacity. 

Advice on urban drainage systems here. 

Minimal visual impact

The installation of single-slot gratings is particularly popular in urban areas like this central street in Saint-Zacharie. 

When working in environments like this, installing unattractive grating can be an issue that negatively impacts the visual finish of the facility. 

It was for this reason that the decision was made to install hidden single-slot grating: it leads to better aesthetics and ensures the drainage system doesn't affect the landscape. 

Take a look at the photos. Can you see the straight line in the paving? The drainage system is installed underneath it, combining the system's hydraulic efficiency with aesthetics. 


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As you can see, this solution doesn't overshadow what should really shine, which is the scenery of Saint-Zacharie.

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