Flavours that don't go unnoticed, unlike our concealed drainage

One of the best experiences you can have when travelling around different regions and countries is discovering new flavours and foods. 

Cuisines that you have never tried before just heard of but are now dying to try them.

Sometimes, trying these exotic flavours can be an unforgettable experience, and not always in the best sense of the word,… I can still remember trying a rubbery, fluorescent pink dish in Indonesia. I wasn't quite sure what it was, but I must admit that my taste buds were not ready for that texture and flavour. I had barely swallowed it when it made my stomach churn.

Due to globalisation, cultures are coming together and in cities like Bergamo, we can enjoy flavours from around the world in one single place “Cucine di Curno” or Curno Food Hall. 

This is a new area that is next to its shopping centre, where 17 establishments with different types of cuisine serve food from all 5 continents. As part of this expansion, a further 500 indoor parking spaces were also added. 

In the entrance area of this new food hall, they have installed a drainage system so perfectly concealed so that you can barely notice it.

Can you see it in the photographs that come with this article?  

In projects where visual harmony and aesthetics are important, ULMA's concealed drainage is a perfect option, because it is a simple way to ensure that the water runoff system goes completely unnoticed and blends in with the cityscape. 

The concealed drainage is composed of a channel and a single-slot grating and it is able to withstand a load class up to D-400, making it compliant with standard EN-1433. This means that it is suitable for pedestrianised areas and car parks, as is the case here.

If you also want a drainage system to go unobserved in your next project, contact us here. 

Although you can barely see it, installing this system does not mean sacrificing any hydraulic capacity. It will always depend on what model you install, but the flow rate ranges from 150 to 240 cm2/ml. 

In total, we installed 150 linear metres of the 150 mm-wide MultiV channel with slot drainage. 

And 16 clip-on manholes that are easy to remove, made with the same characteristics and dimensions, to make it simple to perform maintenance on the drainage system.

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