Let us take our time

In these pressing times we are living right now, impatience for things to happen has become normality, whether it be good or bad. Waiting gets on all of our nerves.

We forget to stop and enjoy the small things, even to spend a cold and rainy morning “calmly” enjoying a home cooked soup while reading our favorite supplement. I put it in speech marks because the “calmness” I was feeling this Sunday morning disappeared the moment we got home. 

Here is what happened that day.

Before going out we had set the soup to cook for 9 more minutes (not even 10), which was what it needed to finish.

We arrived home to a kitchen full of smoke. Instead of setting the time, we had increased the heat.

It would have been better to just “wait” for 9 minutes and go calmly, but no, although we saved 9 minutes, but we ended up with a charred smell in our kitchen for several days and no lunch.

Sometimes it is better to stop rushing, smell the coffee & just take our time.

When we go to the Health Center we're also in a rush.  The wait seems even longer, if that is possible. Fortunately, for the residents of A Estrada, in Pontevedra, they have access to the best health center in Spain. The A Estrada health center has just won the ‘Best in Class’ award for the fifth time for offering the best primary care service in the whole of Spain. 

The award, won just a few days after the center launched its new facilities, designed by the Vázquez Muíño and Naos Arquitectura studios and built by UTE Puentes-Ogmios. For this new construction, they placed their trust in the ULMA drainage system.

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They used the SELF drainage channels in polymer concrete, which are designed for pedestrian areas with sporadic tourist activity. In this case, the SELF300 and EUROSELF channels, perfect options for areas like indoor streets, town squares, play areas, parks, etc. 

In addition, a 50 mm tall MINIKIT drainage channel installed at the center. Designed for areas with limited height and is ideal for applications like garage floors, basements, dressing rooms, roofs, etc.

From an aesthetic perspective, the channel is discreet, elegant and consistent with the design of the center. If we are going to wait then let us make it a pleasurable.

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