7 benefits of external wall systems

Let us explain why building work is much more profitable with this system
7 benefits of external wall systems

The external wall system is a lightweight, multi-layer system that is dry-mounted, unlike conventional systems based on masonry constructions.

In the next few lines we will set out 7 benefits of ULMA's external wall system over the traditional system.

Read on to see why this type of external wall allows a faster return on investment.

1. Light materials: transport savings

The materials are much lighter.

This makes logistics for the construction site more straightforward and economical: reduced transport of façade construction materials, and no need for heavy-duty equipment.

2. Sustainable enclosures: less waste and greater energy efficiency

This system is sustainable, since waste is greatly reduced on site. Energy efficiency also means a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions (up to 30%).

The façade can be dismantled at the end of its life cycle for easier recycling.

3. Complies with the Technical Building Code

The system complies with both the Technical Building Code and all regulatory technical requirements: thermal resistance, watertight integrity and acoustic insulation.

4. Quick placement: cost savings  

External walls are constructed in 30% less time than a traditional external wall system.

Reducing implementation time also means less time using scaffolding and auxiliary equipment. This saves on indirect expenses and makes the project more economical.

5. More space: higher returns

This external wall system is thinner than a traditional external wall. This means more square metres of gross floor area for the same space, increasing the project's profitability.

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6. Effectiveness on site: fast, cost-effective implementation

Our engineering team's initial studies and calculations ensure greater efficiency on-site, optimising time and minimising errors when carrying out pre-planned tasks.

7. Engineered stone facade cladding: sustainability, aesthetics and durability

The ULMA externall wall system is completed with a facade cladding, the most effective system for solving insulation: it eliminates thermal bridges and improves energy efficiency. 

In addition, engineered stone is an impermeable and non-porous material, and therefore, has a longer durability and is easier to clean.

This material provides a quality plus in the aesthetic finish and its mouldability allows to combine different finishes using the same system. For this reason, its creative possibilities for personalization are infinite.

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier