Could we consider the renovation of a facade as a creative activity?

Could we consider the renovation of a facade as a creative activity?

Let’s discuss this question, and I’ll give you my opinion, starting by talking about Personalization, the essence of Creativity.

Let’s see.

When we talk about architecture, the need for personalization may arise from two types of requirements.

The first comes with a new project, with the freedom of a blank canvas, where you can imagine what you’d like to project onto the facade to give it a unique character. This is personalization from scratch.

The second is a renovation. This process has less of a creative component, or does it?

Let me explain.

When there is a pre-existing project that needs renovating, the designer’s job is to both maintain and adapt the original aesthetic.

But why do I question whether this is less creative? Because, although the form and essence of the facade is already there, here the creativity comes into play with the choice of the installation method and the materials that will enable us to respect the original character.

What do you think?

For me it’s clear: Creativity is involved in any project that requires you to think of a unique solution, explore new ideas and improve what is already there. And if we look at architecture specifically, creativity refers to the ability to explore new materials, forms and design techniques to create functional and attractive spaces.

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Stoneo Art

I've already mentioned the Art range a few times, the most versatile and creative of our product offers.

The best thing about it is that it enables you to turn the facade into a canvas for personal expression. You can also use it to replicate a pre-existing design. 

This is also a very interesting option.

Current technology enables us to create original textures, from rough textures that evoke nature, to original geometries.

At ULMA, we help to personalize facades, both those produced from scratch and those being renovated. Today’s project is an official Finnish building with a facade that is reminiscent of a bar of chocolate. The objective of renovation is to give the facade a fresh and modern appearance while maintaining its original personality and finish.

I’ll show you two photos so you can see what I’m talking about.

Before and after:

Benefits offered by the ART Range:

  • Creative liberty 
  • Solutions personalized according to your project
  • Aesthetic impact 

Aside from the aesthetic potential offered by the Stoneo finishes from ULMA, the ventilated facade cladding construction system enables you to enhance energy efficiency by improving thermal insulation. Its durability and easy maintenance make it worth considering for your next project, whether it be in an area with an extreme climate, like Finland, or in areas with a lot of rain and heat, such as Brazil.


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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier