Optical Effect in Civic Center

The civic center of Vitoria- Ibaiondo has been coated with ULMA's Ventilated Facade system, presenting a unique optical effect achieved with the water or miniwave texture. This is a model plate of ULMA´s VANGUARD range, which consists of a series of volumes creating a wave with a pitch of 15 mm. This texture, with panels of the same color and grooves positioned in different directions can achieve an optical effect that varies polychromatism throughout the day, providing different shades which enrich the finish of the facade.

The authors of the project: architects Eguillor Jesus Armendariz, Amaia Los Arcos Larumbe, from Idom, David Resano Resano from ACXT Architects, had clearly chosen this material, Stoneo, for the opportunity of experimentation, for the possibilities it offered and for their textures and finishes.

ACXT Architects have confirmed a satisfactory result of the project. Additionally, the competitiveness of ULMA’s Stoneo was certainly another aspect that determined their choice.

ULMA Architectural Solutions, manufactures, coordinates and implements the installation of the system, offering a comprehensive service. Being in accordance with the Technical Code, considering the DIT 476 / A and guaranteeing the quality of the final result for 10 years.

Stoneo is a prefabricated material of great strength and durability, and it’s waterproof. This reduces maintenance costs, since cleaning can be done easily with soap and water.

This colossal sustainable construction features as varied as theater services, leisure and swimming pool, solarium, cafeteria, sports center, library, workshops and citizen services offices. With its 14,000 square meters and a budget of 13 million Euros, has become the most innovative social facilities of the city.


  • PROJECT NAME: Civic Center Ibaiondo
  • LOCATION: Neighborhood Ibaiondo .Vitoria-SPAIN
  • AUTHORS: ACXT Architects
  • ARCHITECTS: Jesus Armendariz Eguillor, Amaia Los Arcos Larumbe, David Resano Resano.
  • PANEL FORMAT: 90 x 90 cm
  • COLOR: M03

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Ventilated facade dossier

Ventilated facade dossier