The balcony, a luxury during the lockdown and now a must-have when it comes to specification

If there is one thing that has become particularly valuable recently it is having a terrace or balcony. Over the lockdown, those who had them were privileged, and today when we're looking for a new home, one of the essential factors to consider is whether it has a balcony or a terrace.


The prefabricated balcony cantilevers from ULMA are suitable for both new constructions and renovations, where old balconies are replaced or new ones are added to buildings that don’t already have them.


The balconies are fully customisable:
- Dimensions: maximum length of 2 m and maximum width of 0.75 m (overhang).
- Shape: they can be straight, curved, polyhedron, etc.
- They may include or incorporate decorative finishes.
- They can be produced in different colours and textures.

Without reinforcement

The balcony does not have an inner metallic structure, so this prevents rust and deterioration that could cause the cantilever to break and become detached.

Meeting slip resistance criteria

The cantilevers meet the slipperiness criteria in accordance with the requirements of CTE-DB-SUA.1 (Spanish building code protecting against the risk of falls - level III, Rd>45). There is no need to add any finishing or flooring.

No need for paving

This solution avoids the need to pave the balcony. This means there is no need for joints between the paving and the façade, which can cause issues. There is also a run-off to prevent the entry of water.

Using the original handrail

For renovation projects, the original handrail can be recovered and fixed to the prefabricated base. The cantilever will be adapted to the chosen handrail and the brackets required for installation. Another option is to produce a handrail using Stoneo FORMS, to create a consistent finish with the balcony.

Durable material

Stoneo is a non-porous material that we have been innovating for over 30 years. Its low absorption level (0.1%) makes it completely waterproof and minimises wear-and-tear from atmospheric phenomena, such as frost, rain, wind, abrasion or pollution

Lightweight, so easier to handle

Its composition makes it very lightweight, so it is much easier to handle during installation, in comparison to other materials such as stone or concrete.

We provide advice during installation

To prevent any problems during the installation phase, the technical team at ULMA will be available to resolve any queries and give you all the information you need.

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Architectural Precast catalogue

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