A terrace front is a structure that makes up the front part of a terrace, serving as the visible face that is exposed to the outdoors. It plays a crucial role in the appearance and functionality of the terrace, integrating it with the rest of the architecture.

Terrace fronts can vary in style and design, depending on the environment, climate and preferences of the architect. They are also available in a wide range of shapes, textures and colours.

These fronts provide protection against natural elements, such as the sun, rain and wind, while also providing a visual connection with the surrounding area.

Added value: well-designed terrace fronts can add value to an architectural project. An attractive and functional terrace can be a determining factor in the decision to purchase or rent a property.

Creative expression: terrace fronts give architects the opportunity to express their creativity and make their mark on the design. They can be spaces for architectural experimentation where innovative elements, structural solutions and decorative details can be combined to enhance the identity and uniqueness of the project.

At ULMA, we assist architects helping them develop bespoke solutions for terrace fronts. Our technical product department offers innovative solutions adapted to all needs, taking advantage of the versatility of our material, Stoneo.

We can also customise according toshape, dimensions and texture.

We offer various options, such as slatted fronts, geometric shaped fronts, textured fronts and made-to-measure fronts.

Below are details for each option:

Terrace fronts with creative shapes

We can scan the required facade section and produce a piece using 3D printing to create a mould that replicates the original shape in our own material. You can see an example of this type of renovation in the image below, where the deteriorated fronts were replaced by a new version in Stoneo.

Slatted terrace fronts

This project required a modern and contemporary design. The customisation involved adapting the terrace fronts into an L shape, with a smooth upper section and a slatted lower section that was visible on the facade.

Terrace fronts with geometric shapes

In this project, the old terrace fronts were replaced with new fronts produced with Stoneo in diamond shapes, to preserve the previous appearance.

We also managed to reduce the weight of each piece, from 100 kg in the traditional concrete to 22 kg in our lightweight Stoneo material.

Textured terrace fronts

Another option provided by Stoneo is to add texture to the fronts, as you can see with this project. In this case, they were looking to add texture to the front, which was previously smooth, and we managed this by producing a texture in a slate finish, as you can see in the image below.

Made-to-measure terrace fronts

Occasionally the customisation requirements relate to the dimensions of each specific piece, so it can fit the project like a glove.

That was the case with this project.


In summary, terrace fronts are essential elements in architectural design as they affect the appearance, functionality and value of a property. At ULMA, we work with architects to offer customised solutions and help to bring their creative vision to life with terrace fronts, taking advantage of the versatility of our Stoneo material.

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