What is bench cladding and what factors need to be taken into account when choosing it?

From an architectural perspective, bench cladding is an outer or surface layer added to the basic structure of a bench in order to improve its aesthetic appearance, provide additional comfort or protect it from external elements.

Consider it as a skin or a casing installed over the structure of the bench. The cladding can be designed to adapt to the shape and dimensions of the bench, lining the whole structure and covering the entire visible surface.  Its design may be continuous or segmented, depending on the architectural style and the intention of the design. Segmented cladding may involve individual pieces or sections that are joined together to form a coherent finish.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance, bench cladding may provide other additional features, acting as a protective and weatherproof layer that protects the bench from exposure to the elements.

In architecture, bench cladding offers the opportunity to add style and character to spaces by enabling you to create attractive environments.

Below we will detail some of the projects that we have worked on with Stoneo FORMS, our prefabricated solutions.



On this project, we used white prefabricated pieces with LED lighting on the lower section.

These curved pieces form circular benches, providing small islands with different functions. Some are used as water fountains and others as planters, where plants are the primary focus. This helps to add a pleasant and harmonious touch to the space.

The architecture studio Battle i Roig, which was responsible for the project, were looking for a material that could be shaped, in this case a curve, with a smooth and waterproof finish, properties that are provided by Stoneo.  

It is manufactured using moulds, which provides a lot of freedom when it comes to design, as the pieces can be adapted to the needs of each project and the architect’s criteria. It is derived from stone, composed almost entirely of natural (aggregates) and recycled components.  It is also a non-porous material and absorbs almost no water (0.1%), ensuring complete water tightness and excellent performance against atmospheric changes: frost, rain and wind.


In this case, the project involved continuous cladding of benches with twisty shapes, installed on an outdoor terrace for the Tánger office building in Barcelona.

Battle i Roig were once again responsible for this project and created a space that combined plants with various rows and groups of benches that promote interaction between people. This was achieved through the design of the space, turning it into a functional and attractive meeting place.

To produce the required combination of pieces, 10 different moulds were needed in order to produce the different forms of customised benches: with backrest, without backrest, concave or convex.

In total, for the terrace we supplied 300 prefabricated pieces in a white colour to complete the design of this stunning curved meeting point. 

This level of customisation is only made possible by the versatility of our Stoneo FORMS material, which can be adapted to any design, enabling the creation of more lightweight pieces that are easier to position and handle during installation.

We spoke with Cristòfol Taula Bennàsar from the Battle i Roig studio about the project and this is what he told us:

“Our reasons for choosing the ULMA material over other options were the ability to create a personalised design by producing specific moulds, the lightness of the entire system compared to other materials, and how easy it is to build and install the entire planter and bench system. The product is ideal because of its lightness and durability, as it barely changes at all over time”.


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If you are looking for benches, in addition to bench cladding, we also offer a range of street furniture that combines design, durability and sustainability.

You can find out more information on these products via this link: street benches

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